Bedford Autodrome -  Racing Green

Bedford Autodrome - Racing Green

MotorSport Vision (MSV) operates a number of motor racing circuits in the UK, plus one in Spain and another under development in France - which is intended to be the world's first self-sufficient eco circuit. The MSV group also includes the Bennetts British Superbike Championship, the GB3 and GB4 single-seater championships, MotorSport Vision Racing (MSVR), MotorSport Vision Trackdays (MSVT) and the PalmerSport corporate driving event at Bedford Autodrome,

As the UK’s leading motor racing circuit owner MSV fully recognises the importance of a) reducing the environmental impact of our venues and events, b) maintaining strong relations with the community and c) having a clear commitment to accessibility and inclusion.

We are pleased to share some examples of this good practice at Bedford Autodrome in Bedfordshire. This is by no means a complete list, and our approach and policies will adapt, expand and evolve over time.


Vehicle Emissions

  • More than 80% of our PalmerSport vehicle fleet runs on LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) as an alternative to petrol or diesel. LPG is recognised as a versatile low-carbon fuel
  • Our VIP transport fleet now includes a selection of the latest electric and hybrid vehicles from our partner BMW
  • We recently installed our first 7kW AC Fast Charger, with a Type 2 connector. During a typical day this can deliver up to 50kWh of power. More chargers will be installed in due course

Waste Management

  • Bedford Autodrome is progressively improving its recycling policy with office paper and cardboard, tyres, metals and oil (cooking and mechanical) already recycled via local refuse and recycling providers
  • All water offered to guests in hospitality areas is supplied in glass bottles that are refilled
  • Other soft drinks are only in glass bottles that are recycled
  • Biodegradable packaging was introduced across the circuit’s restaurant and hospitality areas in 2021 as we look to move away from single-use plastics
  • We offer recyclable wooden cutlery and use only recyclable coffee cups
  • Registration for all our events is now available to complete online, minimising the need for paper indemnities
  • Bedford Autodrome provides free drinking water in all our hospitality suites using recyclable paper cups
  • All PalmerSport Personal Invitation Brochures are sent out using a digital pdf, replacing a traditional brochure
  • Booking contracts are sent out digitally
  • All redundant electrical and computer equipment on site is recycled
  • The treatment of spillages is carried out on site, with absorbent materials being used to ensure contamination is minimised and contained


  • Woodland management is a priority for Bedford Autodrome, and we work closely with the local authority and the Local Wildlife Trusts
  • Bedford Autodrome has two areas of protected plant species that are protected from the public
  • A tree-planting programme commenced when MSV took over the site. We have since planted more than 300 trees

Energy Usage

  • Bedford Autodrome has been progressively replacing all its standard lights for LED alternatives and 90% of the site has now been upgraded
  • A Fair usage policy for track activity has been introduced to minimise unnecessary energy consumption in the garages and paddock areas
  • There are sub-meters in all our active areas so we can monitor usage and make informed decisions
  • Employees are given clear guidelines and actively encouraged to minimise energy use in their respective workspaces
  • Movement sensors are used in lightly trafficked areas to ensure lighting is only used when necessary
  • Windows have been upgraded on various buildings to reduce heating requirements


  • Bedford Autodrome is fully accessible
  • Our coaches have wheelchair ramps to enable users to travel around the site
  • Dedicated parking areas within the venue are provided to Blue Badge holders
  • Each of our hospitality suites have accessible toilets

Community Relations

  • We have close relations with nearby schools and have arranged many educational visits
  • We strive to use local businesses for our materials and supplies wherever possible, for example all our fresh meat, dairy and vegetables is sourced locally